Discover the Spider-Verse

Can we use our students’ favorite films to teach science, math, literacy, social studies, and even provide important life lessons along the way?  YES!  Step in and Discover the Spider-Verse.  In fact, it’s a web in which, you and your students will want to become trapped.

Discover the Spider-Verse Virtual Field Trip (VFT) takes students behind the scenes for a closer look at the making of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse.  Students are encouraged to begin their own journey to discover the hero that lives within them.

Can anyone where the spider mask? YES! Students and their families will uncover the answer through a downloadable family resources packet with activities that allow students and their families to explore their special abilities, discover what it means to wear the mask, and travel even deeper into the Spider-Verse by making a 3D Spider-Verse of their own. Anytime we can connect and extend our school activities with home is a huge win.

Can failure be positive? YES! In the VFT, the movie creators discussed the importance of failure by sharing an example of how they struggled with creating a 2D movie with 3D portions interwoven. In a scene from the movie, one of the files didn’t render correctly and made an outline of Spider-Man instead of a full color. The result of the failed render provided an idea for another part of the movie. This was a great opportunity for my students to see that it is o.k to embrace failure, learn from it and improve upon it.

Can students use intuition to make decisions? YES! The activity my class enjoyed the most was testing their “spider sense.” Working with a partner, they recorded qualitative data collected by using their senses to see if intuition exists. The Discover the Spider-Verse  program is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The site comes with a complete ELA and STEM educator companion guide with multiple in-class activities for pre and post viewing of the VFT. 

Can students have different types of heroes? YES! Through the VFT, we learned the filmmakers wanted viewers to know you don’t have to look a certain way to be a hero, so they incorporated multiple Spider-Men from different universes. This message was clear and really resonated with my students.

My students and I give Discover the Spider-Verse VFT and corresponding resources two thumbs up. It is a highly engaging and captivating educational experience that takes you beyond the screen and deep into the Spider-Verse with standards aligned teaching.

Written by: Brandon Wislock