Spotlight On Strategies: Change It Up! Scrambled Please

Welcome to a special SOS Top Ten series called Change It Up. For years you’ve told us the best part of the SOS is their adaptability for use across grade levels and content areas.

In this series, we take tried and true Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) instructional ideas and share ways to adjust or adapt for your classroom.

We’d love to know what your favorite adaptations are; visit the DEN Online Community to share more ideas!

Change It Up:

Strategy: Scrambled Please (CDN Version)

Big idea: Provide students with a fun and challenging way to sequence ideas, events, or steps.

Materials: copies of any text that progresses in sequential order (e.g., reading passages, speeches, historical documents, mathematical or scientific processes) with the last paragraph(s) of your chosen text removed and cut into pieces.

In language arts…

… ask students to analyze and put into sequence excerpts of a text or video transcript they are studying.

… have students practice using sequence words such as first, next, and last as they put portions of a text into the correct order.

In mathematics…

…. ask students to view a media selection that introduces problem-solving strategies and then provide them with a multiple-step word problem that has been cut apart. Ask students to work with a partner to reorder the problem and then see if they can correctly solve it.

In science…

…introduce students to a new unit of study by giving them steps of a science experiment that have been scrambled. Ask them to work together to read, analyze, and put the steps of the experiment into the correct order.

In social studies…

…assess what students have learned about a period in history by asking them to first watch a related video segment and then correctly sequence the events.


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