Rediscover SOS: PMI


Strategies like Three Truths and One Lie (CDN Version), Snowball Fight(CDN Version), and Paper Slide (CDN Version) are long-time favorites for both teachers and students.

They are easily adaptable to many different grade levels and content areas and are ways to engage students in analyzing digital media.

But, did you know that they represent only a handful of more than 130 different educator-recommended, research-based strategies in the Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) collection?

Rediscover SOS is a series that reminds us about some of these great strategies. Take this opportunity to explore a strategy that you haven’t used in a while.

Challenge yourself to give this strategy a try, and share your outcomes with us in the DEN Online Community.

Rediscover SOS: PMI (CDN Version)

Description: PMI is an effective brainstorming strategy that can be used to weigh the pros and cons of a decision. It helps students organize their thoughts as they wrestle with decision-making around complex issues.

Materials: video segment, blank paper and/or chart paper, pencil or pen

>>See the full strategy (CDN Version)

Adaptations and Extensions:

  • Help students critically analyze and make sense of historical events
  • Ask students to perform a role play to address the plus, minus, and interesting aspects of a text selection
  • Use PMI within project-based learning experiences as a tool for students to learn how to analytically solve problems they encounter
  • Use PMI to help students debrief a classroom experience such as a science lab, virtual field trip or field trip, a guest speaker, or virtual meeting with an expert

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