Rediscover SOS: Vocab Scavenger Hunt

Strategies like Three Truths and One Lie (CDN Version), Snowball Fight(CDN Version), and Paper Slide (CDN Version) are long-time favorites for both teachers and students.

They are easily adaptable to many different grade levels and content areas and are ways to engage students in analyzing digital media.

But, did you know that they represent only a handful of more than 130 educator-recommended, research-based strategies in the Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) collection?

Rediscover SOS is a series that reminds us about some of these great strategies. Take this opportunity to explore a strategy you haven’t used in a while.

Challenge yourself to give this strategy a try, and share your outcomes with us in the DEN Online Community.

Rediscover SOS: Vocab Scavenger Hunt (CDN Version)

Description: Vocab Scavenger Hunt introduces students to key vocabulary related to a particular topic in a fun and interactive way that feels almost game-like. The teacher pre-selects key vocabulary words and introduces them to students. As the digital media plays, students then listen for those words, clapping to indicate when they’ve heard one.

Materials: Discovery Education video or audio segment, pre-selected vocabulary words from segment

>>See the full strategy (CDN Version)

Adaptations and Extensions:

  • Harness gamification in the classroom by arranging students in teams and assigning points as teams clap to indicate they’ve heard one of the words.
  • Have students help create an additional signal to use whenever they hear the definition of one of the vocabulary words. For example, if a clap signals they’ve heard the word, a whistle could signify they’ve heard the definition.
  • After they’ve used the strategy, have students create a glossary of the new vocabulary words they’ve learned.
  • Have students curate a digital collection of vocabulary words using Discovery Education’s Board Builder or Studio.


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