SOS Top Ten for Promoting Global Citizenship

Welcome to the SOS Top Ten series. In this edition, we highlight some ways to use Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) for promoting global citizenship.

According to the Center for Global Education, globally competent students have the knowledge and skills to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action. The idea of global competence articulates the knowledge and skills students need in the 21st century.

Many of the instructional ideas presented in the SOS series provide students with opportunities to explore these domains. Some of our favorites are listed below.

We hope you’ll try an SOS instructional idea and share your experience with us in the DEN Online Community.

Investigating the World

Students who are strong global citizens have a broad understanding of the world beyond their own doorsteps. Help them build a strong global awareness by using one of these strategies:


Visual Walkabout (CDN Version) gives students a sneak peek of an upcoming unit. A gallery of images is shared on classroom walls. Students explore the gallery, making connections and asking questions at each image. This strategy also gives teachers a chance to assess prior knowledge and address early misconceptions.


Where In the World (CDN Version) helps students explore the world.  As they use the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map (CDN Version) they become familiar with not only the geography, but also the culture, government, history, and environment of different locations.


Read All About It (CDN Version) helps students develop a better understanding of how a main idea is supported with details. Use this strategy for synthesizing the content in a video segment or global news clip.


Surround Sound (CDN Version) encourages students to develop understanding by focusing on an auditory input, such as a sound clip or the audio portion of a video segment. Strategically selected sounds can hook student interest and expose them to new insights and understandings.


Now Screening (CDN Version) provides consistent exposure to digital images related to a concept or unit of study. It helps students informally make connections and new understandings.

Recognizing Perspectives

Students who are strong global citizens understand there are many different ways of seeing the world. Help them gain an understanding of different perspectives with these strategies:


Step Inside (CDN Version) encourages students to consider content from multiple perspectives. Students are assigned roles that may be found within a piece of media and then answer questions from the point-of-view of their assigned person or object.


Multiple Perspectives (CDN Version) asks students to engage deeply with an image or video as they assume a perspective other than their own. Students create a narrative from the perspective of an object or person inside a piece of media.


They Said What? (CDN Version) asks students to demonstrate understanding of perspectives by developing dialogue between two or more characters shown in a digital image.

Communicating Ideas

Students who are strong global citizens can communicate their ideas with clarity and intent. Help them practice these skills with these strategies:


PechaKucha (CDN Version) helps students clearly and concisely summarize and share their knowledge. The format of  a PechaKucha restricts presenters with timing constraints tied to a series of representative images.


XO Let’s Go (CDN Version) helps students practice listening intently and speaking clearly and concisely.  It requires students to work in pairs and take turns sharing new insights they’ve gained from a piece of digital media.


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