Science Fair Central “A One Stop Shop” for All Things Science Fair and Beyond

I have been an educator for twenty-six plus years and if I were honest in the past the science fair was something I dreaded.  In my early experiences with school science fairs, everyone involved seemed to be more focused on the final product rather than the true purpose of the event, to effectively teach and promote the scientific process. 

I was so excited when I found Science Fair Central. Thanks to Discovery Education and The Home Depot, the science and engineering process isn’t just limited to few weeks out of the year, but celebrated and promoted all year long. Science Fair Central provides activities and lessons based on real world problems for both the classroom and for families to enjoy together at home. 

Still the true beauty of Science Fair Central is that it is  “One Stop Shopping” for any Coordinators of a Science/ Engineering Fair. It contains everything a school would need to organize and run a complete event. As someone who has coordinated these types of events in the past, having a resource for parents, educators, and students is essential for keeping everyone on the same page. 

When you visit the site, don’t miss my favorite resources outlined below.

1. Student step-by-step guides for scientific and  engineering project.

2. Wonderful advice for organizing Science/Engineering Fair for elementary and  secondary students. 

3.  Hands-on activities you can incorporate into a family STEM event. 

4. Templates for parent letters and judging materials.