Spotlight On Strategies: Change It Up! Silence is Golden

Welcome to a special SOS Top Ten series called Change It Up. For years you’ve told us the best part of the SOS is their adaptability for use across grade levels and content areas.

In this series, we take tried and true Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) instructional ideas and share ways to adjust or adapt for your classroom.

We’d love to know what your favorite adaptations are; visit the DEN Online Community to share more ideas!

Change It Up

Strategy: Silence is Golden (CDN Version)

Big idea: Focus student attention on imagery to engage them in visual analysis and discussion, leading to deeper connections and understanding of the material they are learning.

Materials: Video segment with strong imagery, paper, and pencil/pen

In any subject…

…ask students to create their own narration, using key vocabulary and concepts learned during a unit of study.

…smash this strategy with strategies such as Sketchnotes (CDN Version), Sticky Back (CDN Version), or Tweet Tweet (CDN Version). Watch the video segment without sound and then ask students to write a summary using sketchnotes, sticky notes, or 280-character tweets.

In science…

Lindsay Murdock used Silence is Golden in a Discovery Education Studio Board she created to “give students the opportunity to develop comprehension, collaborate with their peers, and, ultimately, narrate their own version of the chain of events that gets an apple from its start on a farm all the way to their table.”

In social studies…

Courtney Toomey used Silence is Golden in a Discovery Education Studio Board designed to engage students in a 6th grade special education social studies lesson focused on Mesopotamia.

Sharman Asendorf shared that using Silence is Golden gave her young learners an opportunity to engage in content-related dialogue and collaborative conversation because they used what they saw to talk about the American flag.


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