Spotlight On Strategies: Change It Up! Now Screening

Welcome to our special SOS Top Ten series, Change It Up!  

For years you’ve told us the best part of the Spotlight on Strategies (CDN Version) is their adaptability across grade levels and content areas. In this series, we share examples and ideas of those adaptations.

We’d love to know what your favorite adaptations are, so visit the DEN Online Community and share!

Strategy: Now Screening (CDN Version)

Big Idea: Encourage students to wonder, ask questions, and make connections throughout a unit of study by exposing them to visual images related to the topic that are displayed as the background images on classroom computers and devices.

Materials: A variety of Discovery Education digital images related to unit of study.

Change It Up!

In any subject….

…ask students to gather images that illustrate significant concepts related to the unit of study. After displaying them on classroom devices, have students pick one or more to use as a prompt for writing exit slips that synthesize what they now understand.

In language arts…

…ask students to use images displayed on classroom computer screens as inspiration for writing similes, metaphors, or exploring parts of speech such as verbs and adjectives.

In science…

…ask students to use a digital drawing app or website, such as Google Draw, to create an image or organizer that explains a scientific process or concept. Have them turn their drawing in as an image that can be displayed as a screensaver or as a home screen.

…in her SOS Story, Jeannine Shields suggested creating a scrolling slideshow of images to display on an interactive white board to provide students with constant exposure to visual content as the enter and exit the classroom.


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