3M Young Scientist Challenge

Have you ever stopped and considered, rather than asking your students what they want to be, maybe we should ask them what problems do they want to solve. According to the Herb Kelleher Center, Generation Z , our students today, are very focused on the world’s problems. In fact, 76% are already concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet. If it’s that important to them, then we need to provide students with opportunities to make their own impact.

3M Young Scientist Challenge is cultivating the next generation of scientist through a one-of-a-kind video competition that has sparked a sense of wonder and discovery in hundreds of thousands of students and enhanced science, innovation and communication across the United States. To enter, students need to submit a 1-2 minute video in which they describe a new invention or solution that could solve or impact an everyday problem that directly affects them, their families, their communities, and/or the global population. Get ideas from this year’s entry topics.

The deadline for entries is approaching but there’s still time. The developers of the challenge were thinking ahead and have made it easier for you by creating everything an educator would need to guide their students through this process with Challenge Support Materials. Within these materials there are:

  • Letters to parents in English and in Spanish
  • After-school materials also in English and in Spanish
  • Young Scientist Template that lays out each step of the process for students.
  • A Four Week Roadmap for educators that lays out the process from start to finish with step by step details for each week. This detailed PowerPoint not only lays out the steps for completion, but also a sample problem with SOS and other activities.

There is still time for your students to meet that May 7th deadline. So why not get them started.

Written By: Francie Synder