Celebrate DNA Day with DNA Decoded

You and your students will love working with DNA Decoded for DNA Day! DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th and commemorates the day in 1953 when the DNA double helix was discovered, along with the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. DNA Decoded is a program designed for educators to help students see what genomics look like in their everyday lives. It’s an exciting day to explore and understand how we are who we are!

These STEM-based educator resources are varied in their scope and subject. One resource, Agricultural Revolution assigns students to different roles at the United Nations to debate whether or not to support wide-scale agricultural gene editing. Students are presented with a series of articles about gene editing that they summarize and discuss with the group. Students then gain familiarity with their “countries” and provide points of view based on their place within the Global Hunger Index and other factors. By using these ready-to-go lessons educators can teach students the power of making educated, ethical choices based on facts. 

By incorporating one of our amazing Spotlight on Strategy resources, Step Inside, you have a ready-made lesson designed to capture your students’ attention and focus on learning.  “Step Inside” is a teaching strategy that encourages students to consider content from multiple perspectives. Students are assigned roles that may be found within a piece of media and then answer questions from the point-of-view of their assigned person or object. A perfect fit for you to craft the perfect lesson!

The Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education have created resources that will inspire you and your students to unlock the power of genomics and to impact our future by using:

  1. Student resource links, time frames, everything you need to teach, right at your fingertips in these lessons!
  2. Lessons that vary in scope and subject depending on the topic you are covering this time of year,
  3. Career awareness resources within the lessons are designed to engage and inspire.

Take your students on a STEM journey to discover their best future and the hope that genomics represents to our world! Students will realize the potential of a career utilizing Genomics to unlock the secrets to a longer, more fulfilling life on our planet and beyond. The future awaits you and your students, and it is more exciting than ever! Explore DNA Decoded today, and give your students the information they need to change our world!

Written by: Patti Grammens – Lakeside Middle School, Atlanta, GA