How Girl Scouts is Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

It’s no secret there’s a gender disparity in the STEM workforce. According to UNESCO, less than 30% of all the world’s researchers are women, while the STEM workforce has outpaced all other US job growth – growing by over 79% since 1990 (Pew Research Center).

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that some STEM jobs will grow by over 30% by 2024. It’s now more important than ever for parents and educators to introduce their students to STEM early. It’s the best way to ensure that not only girls, but all students, have a substantial and equitable role within STEM fields in the immediate future.

So how can we work together as educators and parents to encourage girls’ STEM exploration?

Girl Scouts of the USA jumped headfirst into bridging the gender gap in STEM with the launch of a NEW educational program created in partnership with Discovery Education, Girls Get STEM: Unleash Your Inner Scientist. Designed to pave the way for all students to become more involved, invested, and curious about STEM subjects, this program provides helpful, easy-to-use, standards-aligned resources for educators, troop leaders, and parents.

Focused on grades 2-5, Girls Get STEM offers step-by-step STEM activities that encourage exploration of STEM fields like energy, mechanical engineering, and robotics. With lessons focused on learning to code, exploration of kinetic energy and chain reactions, and concepts surrounding recycling and waste reduction, each of these downloadable activities takes just one hour to complete and is comprised of a step-by-step guide and accompanying video that bring STEM concepts to life. With activities adapted for both educator and parent use, Girls Get STEM’s STEM Teasers are the perfect, easy way to extend STEM learning into summer break.

Girls Get STEM is an exciting look at the future of STEM and serves as an inspiring model for what the future of the STEM workforce can look like. With educator and family resources that are interactive, engaging, and present a diverse range of STEM opportunities, Girl Scouts takes the lead in showing all students they are capable of profound impact and innovation.

Seeing girls succeed in STEM, as well as hearing from female leaders who have founded some of the most successful STEM programs, is one of the best ways to build engagement and confidence around STEM fields. Kickstart the movement toward more diversity and innovation within the workforce in years coming with this path-breaking program.

Join Girl Scouts in bridging the gender gap in STEM by exploring resources from Girls Get STEM today!

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Theresa Duncan, Discovery Education