Use DISCOVER DATA to Bring Data to Life in the Classroom

DISCOVER DATA, a program created by Discovery Education, the Nielsen Foundation and the Afterschool Alliance, has just launched a new set of expanded resources designed to engage middle and high school students around the power of understanding data through relatable resources. Why, you ask?

Several reports have been released over that past few years highlighting Data Science as one of the top – if not THE top – careers for growth and opportunity.  That said, nearly EVERY one of the fastest-growing careers uses data in some way on a very regular basis. Whether you are in sales, teaching, or computer programming, these professions require the collection and analysis of data.  We created the DISCOVER DATA initiative because we want students to have the “a-ha” moment that comes with understanding data and seeing how they can use it to solve problems and make decisions in school, at home and at work (one day not too far in the future!).

Data also impacts our lives on a personal level. From the “recommended titles for you” queue in video streaming platforms, to the GPS and weather apps on our phones, data has become one of the most important factors influencing our lives, economy, and society. But how do we teach students the impact and influence of data when it is a concept that feels so vast and intangible?

DISCOVER DATA has a suite of classroom resources that makes teaching data in the classroom easy, engaging, and interactive. If you’re an educator seeking turnkey ways to infuse data concepts into your lesson, the site offers instructional support, real-world data sets, and multimedia content to bring data and data-driven careers to life for your students.

Here are just a few of the new classroom resources available for grades 6-12:

      • Curriculum Connectors (New!) provide several beginner and intermediate-level activities tied to a specific theme (holidays, championship football, sustainability) and give educators the opportunity to integrate real-world data sets into existing curriculum or programming.
      • Video Career Profiles (New!) highlight the diverse personalities and careers in data and showcase ways that these real-world professionals use data both in and out of work.

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Data can actually be fun and interesting no matter the setting. Whether in or out of school, data can be used to explore everything from sports to business trends to our own personal habits and preferences. Connecting data with students’ lives and interests will help them to create a better understanding of what data is, and a greater motivation for them to learn about the capabilities and potential of data.

Theresa Duncan, Discovery Education