Turn your classroom into a top-secret STEM lab!

A few months ago, high school students in Denver, Fort Worth, Orlando, Palmdale and Stratford schools walked into their classrooms to discover their rooms had been turned into top-secret engineering design labs! Decked out in high-tech science gear, posters, and professionals from Lockheed Martin, these classrooms were taken over, made over, and ready to be used to solve real-world STEM challenges! You too can turn your classroom into a top-secret lab with lesson plans from Generation Beyond.

The Challenge: Designed for Service

What does “empathy” mean to you? Help your students define empathy and explore human-centered design with the Designed for Service digital lesson. Students will meet Louise Moores, a Senior Electrical Engineer at Lockheed Martin, who will kick off the lesson in a short video. Then students will have a chance to solve for one of three humanitarian disasters: a virus outbreak, a five-hundred-year flood, and a major earthquake.

The Solution

Students will work in groups to create 2D designs, then 3D models of an aircraft designed to provide aid to the victims of a humanitarian crisis. Watch your students solve design challenges and come up with innovative solutions to help those in the disaster zones. They’ll learn the importance of STEM education, the intricacies of aviation, and the impact they can have beyond the classroom.

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Theresa Duncan, Discovery Education