Learning in 360: Exploring Angles


Visit Mr. Eric Williams’ grade 8 math class in Toronto, Ontario to see how he utilizes Math Techbook to support and engage his students

The Big Idea

Mr. Williams’s students are exploring geometry and specifically angles and measurement. He has arranged his classroom with a variety of stations that include a basic understanding of the concepts, real-world applications through collaboration. You’ll witness a variety of learning opportunities, some utilizing technology and some focusing on more traditional methods

Step Inside

Learn more by stepping into a 360 degree view of Ms. Buck’s classroom. Here are tips to maximize the experience:

  • After launching the 360 degree image, spin your view to find the Pin 1.  Play the embedded video to meet Mr. Williams as he welcomes you to her classroom.
  • Then, spin your view to find the numbered pins to learn how Mr. Williams uses the Discovery Education Math Techbook in his classroom.
  • Just as students rotate through the centers, follow the pins in numerical order and view the embedded images that share some of the other resources Mr. Williams incorporated into his students’ learning experience.
  • The pins with marked with “i” provide additional context and sidebar information.
  • Don’t take our word for it: hear from Mr. Williams and see examples of his students’ learning by selecting the pins with images.

View the 360 Experience in a separate tab here. 


Interested in creating a similar experience in your class?  Check out the strategies and resources used by Mr. Williams.  You can also explore additional resources and lesson plans by utilizing the updated Search by Topic feature within your Discovery Education resources.

Mr. Williams used a variety of resources in the Ontario aligned unit on interior and exterior angles inside Math Techbook. Some of these were interactives, others were hands-on investigations.
Mr. Williams also took advantage of the free resource with EA Sports and Discovery Education called Football by the Numbers. This resource uses interactive technology to explore the math used in tackling and throwing.

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