The top 3 reasons to explore the Soar with Wings social and emotional learning resources

A teacher is responsible for the content they teach, but more importantly to teach students how to apply their content to be successful. That includes SEL. Teachers instill procedures in class for a positive learning environment but also to instill skill sets for students to apply in and out of the classroom to be emotionally responsible and successful. Students with a strong foundation of emotional awareness have fewer behavioral struggles and possess a stronger attachment to academics which increases their likely of having academic success. Soar with Wingsa new program developed in partnership with Wings for Kids and Allstate Foundationprovides free, standards-aligned learning activities that incorporate academics and fun while building social and emotional skills with grades K–5, along with tips and tools to empower educators, parents and caregivers to help children soar. 


Reason #1 

It is all there for you.  

Soar with Wings’ Digital Lesson Bundles are designed for 3-4 class sessions that run app. 50-60 minutes each. However, many educational institutions implement a morning meeting block in their academic day. The Soar with Wings curriculum can easily be implemented into short meaningful blocks to start the school day to adjust to any instructor’s schedule. Plus, the curriculum is easily adaptable to adhere to your students’ needs. The curriculum can be used in any institution as it was developed following the five interrelated core competencies of SEL. 


Reason #2 

Engaging and Cross Curricular 

Soar with Wings goes beyond the traditional think, pair, share on the carpet. The program infuses multiple instructional styles for students to be continuously engaged and a part of the learning process. From the first lesson, the students are getting up and moving about. These lessons are designed to reach all types of learners through kinesthetic movement, games, dances, art and more. Soar with Wings intertwines with other disciplines to increase its engagement through the integration of literacy as students create narratives, games and art projects based upon SEL. 


Reason #3 

Relevant and Thought Provoking 

Students lead the Soar with Wings program by applying the Words to Live by Poem. Each lesson uses lines form the poem for students to take ownership of their emotions, manage their behavior and interact positively with others. While the program addresses students’ issues such as acceptance, facing weaknesses and coping with negative emotions. The lessons focus on the positive and the students’ inner strengths by building their confidence to overcome their personal challenges to become successful.  


Incorporating SEL into the classroom strengthens the learning capabilities of the students. One 5th grade student said her strength comes from being very good at reading. With that strength, she enjoys reading and learning through her stories. “I am happy for accomplishing something for myself when I read and I am happy helping others to be better readers and feel better about their reading.” So have your students soar with emotional awareness and creativity with Soar with Wings resources. Celebrate with fellow educators and students from all over as we soar for the premiere of the Virtual Field Trip on September 26th. 


Join us for the launch of the Soar with Wings Virtual Field Trip on Thursday, September 26 at 1pm to see SEL in action.  Register now! 

 By guest blogger Peter Panico, 5th Grade Teacher at Devonshire Elementary, Charlotte, NC