Using Super Health, Super You Program Resources to Encourage Healthy Habits in Your School & Community

Super Health, Super You is an educational program designed to initiate healthy lifestyle conversations in upper elementary classes and school communities across the country. The program content helps educators inspire students to make healthy lifestyle choices. Below our guest blogger, Lisette Venegas, a Bilingual Resource Teacher at Sugar Creek Elementary & Core Knowledge Charter School in Verona, WI, provides an overview of how she has used the program resources beyond the classroom.

I love the Super Health, Super You, program which helps teachers initiate conversations about healthy living through lessons and community challenges. They provides standards-aligned activities, where your students can learn the science of health, exercise and nutrition, and diabetes through the story of nine-year-old Cristina, who comes from a large Latina family where her mother and grandmother both suffer from diabetes.

As a member of the Healthy School Committee at Sugar Creek Elementary School, we have used the lessons to implement a Wildcat Walker program during our recess times. During recess periods students are able to walk a marked  ¼ mile as many times as they like. They tally their laps and these are then added to a schoolwide bulletin board. Students learn that keeping your body moving is important for your health. The students in turn can also earn 1 mile, 5K, 10K, 13.1 mile and 26.2 mile bracelets as they accomplish their mileage. We have also gotten our PTO involved and now have a community 1 mile and 3 mile Fun Run event in the Fall where we can continue to educate others on the importance of healthy living.

Super Health, Super You provides all kinds of ideas on how you and your students can make your community a healthier place and you can even win $10,000 with the Community Challenge to bring your ideas to life! This year, it’s even easier to enter the challenge – download the Challenge Guide to see how the content you are already teaching in the classroom can form the basis of your entry! Want to build a community garden? Maybe you need new sports equipment – the healthy ideas are endless! The Super Health, Super You community challenge is open through November 8, 2019.  Click here to get started today!