Tundra Connections: Experience Polar Bears – Grades 4+

Scientists already know a lot about polar bears and there is so much more to learn. Join Discovery Education and Polar Bears International for Tundra Connections, a virtual field trip to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and witness the scientific process in action. Challenge your students to learn as much as they can and continue to generate questions, just like the scientists do in the field.

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Featured Virtual Field Trip

Experience Polar Bears on the Tundra
All ages, live broadcast
Thursday, November 14 – 11:30 AM (CT)


Polar Bear Live Chat
All ages, live Q&A
Wednesday, November 14 – 1:00 PM (CT)


Instructional Idea: Stump the Panel

Have students use everything they’ve learned about polar bears during pre-viewing activities and the live broadcast to “stump the panel.” Organize the activity using the strategy The Question Is (Canadian users) and create small teams to compete against each other as questioners and panelists. Have two teams compete by taking turns as questioners posing “answers” to an opposing panel. Panels have 30 seconds to come up with a complete, rational, and accurate “question” in response. One point for whichever team wins the turn. Play to a pre-determined score or for a pre-determined number of rounds.

Extend the activity by challenging students to come up with actual questions that could stump the professional panel of scientists during the Polar Bear Live Chat Q&A during the Tundra Connections event. Submit your class questions and watch the scientists at work!

Share your students’ best questions using @DiscoveryEd and hashtag #CelebrateWithDE.

Related: The Question Is (Canadian users)
Instructional Strategy, Educators
The Question Is is a teaching strategy that requires students to reverse the common order of question-and-answer. The teacher (or, in this case, a student-team) provides a content-related answer and students write a variety of questions that could work with the answer.

Discovery Education Resources

Polar Bears Channel (Canadian Version)
Content Collection, Grades K-12
Venture into the Arctic – the land of polar bears.


Polar Bear Diet (Canadian Version)
Video Segment, Grades K-5
Examines the diet of a polar bear as well as the food chain in the Arctic ecosystem. This segment also looks at why Churchill, Canada is a popular place for polar bears.


Polar Bear Profile (Canadian Version)
Video Segment, Grades K-12
Focuses on the polar bear and explains how the apex predator survives in the Arctic.


Interested in participating in the live event? Visit our Tundra Connections page to participate and learn more.