An Exploration of New Virtual Reality Resources Featured in Boeing FUTURE U.

Eden Buergler, a Technology Integration Specialist from Fort Smith Public Schools in Fort Smith, AR is our guest blogger.  Read below as she for her impression of the new VR resources available through the Boeing FUTURE U. program.

Ever wonder how to integrate VR into your science lessons to achieve high engagement and impact with minimum effort? The Virtual Experiences that grew out of the Discovery Education and Boeing collaboration – FUTURE U. – have got you covered!

The top three reasons you need to check out these resources and lesson plans…

  1. Super high quality, engaging VR videos and gamification of science content for middle and high school students
  2. Career connections to STEM related jobs
  3. Integration of programming and computational thinking.

Although there are several lessons to choose from, the Discover Mars Extended Reality 360 videos and activities are amazing! Created in Unity’s WebGL platform, the VR content is easy to launch in any web browser and the educator guide and companion activities simply outline how to navigate in the 3D world. Each lesson includes a clear connection to aerospace careers and STEM jobs as outlined in the lesson plans that accompany each activity. As students explore the virtual world of Mars, they are able to choose interactive, content-based scenarios. One of the experiences intentionally includes programming the rover, integrating computational thinking skills right into the lesson.

**BONUS: Because the Discover Mars Extended Reality Video was created in the 3D development platform, Unity, students can also create their own virtual reality activities to demonstrate their proficiency in any content area.

In addition to the 360 videos, FUTURE U. features a virtual field trip (VFT) and Experience Space videos that engage and inspire students to make connections STEM based careers and support their learning as they explore the innovative ways to be problem solvers and creative constructors of the future.

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