Ask, Listen, Learn Sparks Conversations about Alcohol, Brain Development, and Strategies for Saying “NO” to Underage Drinking

Guest blogger Lindsay Foster is a Learning Technology Coach in the Burleson Independent School District in Fort Worth, TX. Read below as she explores the variety of resources available as part of the NEW Digital Exploration brought to you by Ask, Listen, Learn in partnership with Discovery Education.  

Starting the Convo! Ask, Listen, Learn in partnership with Discovery Education does a wonderful job of offering resources to educators and parents that empower us to begin conversations about an important topic – underage drinking. In addition to being standards-aligned, Ask, Listen, Learn offerings really connect the “talk” with fact-based, scientific data and provide strategies for approaching this topic in ways that are relatable to middle-school students. Check out my favorite resources from this innovative partnership below:

Latest & Greatest – Digital Exploration! This interactive, self-paced module takes students on a step-by-step journey to understand the impact alcohol has on the developing brain and the body. Led by Alex, a sixth-grade student, kids are able to practice their refusal skills when presented with the opportunity to drink underage plus learn how to encourage their friends to say “NO” to underage drinking, too. Because the module is designed to be self-guided, students have control over their learning as they move through the module at their own pace. The subsequent in-class lessons also help kids to broaden their thinking, make healthy decisions, and teach others to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.

Curious about the best way to introduce the Digital Exploration and accompanying lessons in your classroom? Don’t miss the Digital Exploration Educator Guide, which includes specific instructions for implementation before, during, and after the exploration.

Don’t Forget Parents! We’ve talked about teachers and students, but parents are an integral piece of the puzzle when talking to kids about the dangers of drinking underage. In fact, research shows that parents are the #1 influence on their kids’ decisions to drink – or not to drink – alcohol. The Digital Exploration Family Guide engages the entire family in roleplay scenarios related to underage drinking to bring the practice of making healthy choices to life. Great for an after-dinner activity with the whole family!

The Ask, Listen, Learn Digital Exploration is a one stop shop to spark meaningful conversations – both at school and at home – with your students about why they should say “NO” to underage drinking. Whether looking for classroom curriculum or for new content for an upcoming family night, Ask, Listen, Learn provides a no-cost, turnkey solution to keeping our students healthy and alcohol-free.

For more information about alcohol and the developing brain, there are even more free resources, materials, and games at