Powering SEL Skills in Your Classroom with LaGolda

A brand new year is here, which means there’s an important opportunity to freshen up curricula, reset, and test out new resources. This new year, we want to highlight the empowering Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) resources that focus on diversity, inclusion, and foster empathy and kindness in the classroom. Make this new year the year that students learn how to manage their behavior, are compassionate toward others, and help create a better world for all of us.

The Strategies

One of the most powerful SEL resources we’ve used this year is the pro-social, animated series LaGolda. LaGolda is an online educational program that focuses on 8-year-old Latina, LaGolda, who loses her parents and is shuffled from one orphanage to the next. Instead of letting these circumstances defeat her, LaGolda finds friends in her fellow orphans and they travel the world to build a better environment for other children like themselves. The animated series features six episodes that showcase diverse places and children around the world who feel like outcasts but are shown just how special they really are by LaGolda, her group of friends, and the rest of their communities.

This lovely and empowering animated series is currently included on Discovery Education Experience, a digital learning platform with hundreds of digital resources for educators teaching all grades. In partnership with UnitedHealthcare, LaGolda content is made available on Discovery Education Experience at no cost.

The Classroom Activity

One of our favorite classroom activities from LaGolda is “The Real Me” activity. In this activity, students learn that sometimes people make assumptions about others without proof. Students are asked to think of a time when they have had misconceptions about others, or when others have had misconceptions about them. Students will learn the importance of combatting stereotypes, not making instantaneous judgements about others, and treating everyone the same way they would want to be treated.

This activity also includes a fun-filled poetry slam! Students will write a poem that helps other students understand who they are. By being open and sharing, students will learn that this helps them to become closer to peers and understand how similar we all are to each other, despite seemingly outward differences.

It’s not always easy to share, but with LaGolda, we believe students have the opportunity to be open, learn, and grow with others, and ultimately find possibilities for connection and friendship that they may not have had otherwise.

Interested in accessing LaGolda content in your classroom? Visit Discovery Education Experience to learn more!