Explore Hands-On STEM Teaching & Learning with Resources from Siemens STEM Day 

Siemens STEM Day makes it easy to extend STEM learning with more than 160 standards-aligned, hands-on activities for grades K-12. Each classroom activity highlights one or more components of the engineering design cycle and an essential 21st-century skill, such as analyzing and interpreting data. The resources are extremely easy to navigate, with a database that is searchable by grade level – K-5, 6-8 and 9-12, as well as by subject matter. You can find activities that support everything from Math and IT to Engineering and Healthcare. The activities can further be organized by easy-to-difficult, in alphabetical order, by the most downloaded and by the newest resources.  It doesn’t get any easier to find curated activities to support STEM-focused project-based learning in the classroom and beyond! 

But that’s not all… 

Siemens is committed to making STEM accessible for all!  Through the Siemens Foundation and in partnership with Discovery Education, the Possibility Grant Sweepstakes offers Title 1 schools across the United States an opportunity to win a $10,000 STEM grant to further STEM education.  Funds can be used to purchase STEM supplies or expand technology to help educators show students that there is a path to success for them in STEM.  Educators from Title 1 schools can enter DAILY for the chance to win! In its fourth year, previous Possibility Grant winners include Sugar Hill Elementary School, Gainesville, GA; Fort White Elementary School, Fort White, FL; and Lithonia High School, Lithonia, GA. 

In addition to all of the activity resources, Siemens STEM Day also offers career profiles that allow you to expose students to the skills needed to succeed in real-world STEM careers.  These engaging videos profile real employees working in various positions, including a Senior Technical Engineer, a Project Manager and a Senior Quality Engineer. 

At this point, you may be wondering how you can get up-to-speed and use these resources in your classroom. The good news is that there are materials to help educators (and even volunteers and parents) make the most of all of these activities. The Five-Minute Refreshers are designed to help you prepare for using the hands-on activities and include clear, concise bullet points to help you highlight the key learning objectives.  For more formal preparation, the Train the Trainer Toolkit is designed to introduce the program and provide best practices for incorporating technology, managing time for hands-on activities and finding the right resources for your needs. Including both a video and a downloadable PDF guide, the toolkit is highly accessible and flexible. 

Whatever your needs, Siemens STEM Day has curated content for you!  From activities and training resources, to career profiles and the chance to win funds to support STEM learning at your Title 1 school, you will be covered! Happy hands-on learning!