Explore Tech Careers and Experiences with the Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip On-Demand

If you missed the premiere of the Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip (VFT), an exploration of The Tech Interactive science and technology center in San Jose, CA and road trip through Silicon Valley featuring tech professionals, you can watch it on-demand anytime!  Boy was it worth it!! 

The Tech Interactive and Discovery Education partnered to create Tech for Tomorrow to provide EVERY student a virtual pass to The Tech Interactive’s most exciting exhibits and encourage students in classrooms across the country to innovate for a better world. 

This VFT provides an incredible opportunity to expose students to The Tech Interactive’s design-challenge experiences, hands-on activities and science labs. The easy-to-use educator guide is available for download on the site and supports extending the learning over several lessons before, during and after viewing the VFT. The activity is clearly aligned to national standards highlighted on the first page of the guide, including NGSS, technology literacy, common core standards for ELAand national core arts standards.   

Chocked full of incredible visuals and content your students will love, the full VFT is about 29 minutes long, but it has been chaptered out so you can watch it in total or in sections, depending on what works for your classroom.   

  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of The Tech Interactive and tech businesses in the surrounding community.  The peer host also provides an accessible definition of “technology” and great insight into the 4Cs from, all from The Tech Interactive’s Tech Studio. 
  • In Chapter 2 students are taken deeper into the exhibits, starting with the Bio-Design Studio, an amazing space dedicated to exploring biotechnology.  This segment includes an in-depth interview with Ami Bhatt, an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics at Stanford University, giving students a glimpse into the contributions that scientists are making to improve our overall health and wellness. 
  • The Social Robot section of the center is highlighted in Chapter 3.  Your students will respond to the obvious “cool factor” of the visuals in this chapter. They’ll see robots operating in all different capacities, as well as meet surgery robot engineer Nicky Goodson. 
  • The final chapter introduces students to Reboot Reality, an experimental space in the center that allows visitors to explore the link between technology and the arts.  Students get a first-hand view of exhibits featuring everything from the creation of music to creating creatures in their own imaginary world through the use of artificial intelligence. The featured tech-spert in this segment is TJ Rhodes, a hardware research engineer and scientist at Adobe. 

…and that is just a short overview of the great experience this VFT holds for your students! 

Do your students a favor and take a look at all of the program resources available through Tech for Tomorrow! In addition to the opportunity to explore the VFT, the program features turnkey activities that allow them to practice their cyber detective skills.

Enjoy new resources exploring the impact of technology in global problemsolving will be released in April, just in time for Earth Day!