Engage Students During Financial Literacy Month with Self-Paced Virtual Learning Resources from Pathway to Financial Success

As the COVID-19 crisis has led to economic uncertainty around the world, helping students understand the importance of grasping essential financial concepts has never been more important.  Empowering students with the necessary resources will help cultivate a mindset of financial independence and support students in building life skills that will serve them well into the future. 

Pathway to Financial Success features resources to help middle and high school students take control of their financial futures and set their paths for financial success by arming them with the tools and skills necessary to make smart financial decisions.  There are a number of no-cost comprehensive digital resources available through the program, many of which are ideal for virtual learning and for supporting parental involvement in the learning process.  

The Self-Paced Modules for high school students takes students on a path to understand how the financial decisions they make early in life can either free them up to pursue their passions; or limit their choices due to excess debt or inadequate savings.  The modules are organized as themed units and individual lessons that take 10-15 minutes each to review.  Students can go at their own speed and select categories based on their interest.  Key themes include Using Financial ServicesGrowing and Protecting Your Finances and Using Credit Wisely.   

Due to the nature of virtual learning, many parents are now also taking a more active role in supporting student learning.  The concepts related to financial literacy are perfectly suited for the type of collaborative learning taking place in households around the country.  In the Family Connections section of the site, parents can explore a number of topics through downloadable resources to spark conversation around everything from paying for higher education and discussing exactly how their family banks to setting individual and family savings goals.    

Resources for middle school students are provided through a series of short videos with bite-sized explanations of basic money matters.  Students can view the videos at their own pace, with each requiring less than 5 minutes, but featuring high value content that will help set students on a path to financial literacy as they move into high school. 

Don’t let virtual learning stop you from empowering your students with valuable financial literacy skills!  Take advantage of this opportunity to start students on a path to financial independence with these highly versatile resources from Pathway to Financial Success. 

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