Wellness Wherever! Dynamic Virtual Resources for an At-Home Approach to Exploring Health & Wellness

More time at home doesn’t mean less time for student health and wellnessOn the contrary, in light of current events, it’s more important than ever that we work collectively to teach healthy habits to our young people. It can be easy to overlook simple things like exercise when we’re adjusting to a new daily routine, so it’s imperative that we help students forge new habits and gain new knowledge for achieving optimal health. 

Here’s the good news: there are so many neat (and no-cost!) virtual resources that are designed to enable students in grades K-12 to live their healthiest lives. Wellness habits are all about establishing a personal rhythm, and Discovery Education’s virtual learning resources empower students to go at their own pace and let curiosity be their guide as they explore a range of valuable educational topics. Parents and educators are encouraged to join inusing versatile supplemental resources that help nurture young people as they learn to create a healthier tomorrow. 

Discovery Education equips students with a framework for self-guided continuous learning, through a wide variety of on-the-go interactive content ranging from instructional videos to practical challenges and activities to self-paced learning modules and more. The possibilities are endless! Readon for a look at some of the best resources students can use to turn virtual learning into a wellness win. 


  1. Power-Up with Prevention
    Optimal health often comes down to making smarter decisions. 
  • Be Vape Free provides easy-to-use virtual resources that help students steer clear of the vaping epidemic. Respiratory health is an important responsibility for everyone during our current global health crises, and now students have all the tools they need to avoid the dangers of e-cigarettes. 
  • Dose of Knowledge addresses the issue of substance misuse in order to empower students to make good decisions for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their community. This no-cost prevention program uses engaging interactive resources to help students cultivate long-term health. 
  • Ask, Listen, Learn in partnership with Discovery Education provides dynamic, science-based virtual resources about the effects of alcohol on the developing brain that empower students in grades 5-7 to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking. With content designed for both educators and families, this program sparks informative and meaningful conversations that grow kids’ confidence to say “NO” when faced with peer pressure to drink underage. 
  • Operation Prevention equips K-12 students, adults, and communities with no-cost digital curriculum tools to help combat the growing epidemic of prescription opioid misuse and heroin use nationwide. Help kickstart lifesaving conversations at home today and enable students to make healthier decisions tomorrow. 
  1. Explore the Future of Health
    Scientific research provides necessary context for students to take control of their health. 
  • DNA Decoded lets Middle School & High School students unlock the powerful secrets of genomics through ready-to-use, standards-aligned virtual lessons and activities highlighting the significance of DNA in students’ everyday lives. Interactive online learning bundles cover topics like virology, agriculture, deep space, and more.  
  • Decoding Cancer makes the latest innovations in cancer research available to High Schoolers through engaging digital resources that include self-paced lessons, career profiles, and an interactive virtual lab. Students are fully-equipped to understand the biological, genetic, and emotional impacts of cancer. 
  • Generation Health challenges students to unravel the science behind familiar health concerns through hands-on, standards-aligned activities. The on-demand virtual field trip, The Science of Us, gives students a first-hand glimpse into the fascinating science involved in the pursuit of a new medication 
  1. Get Up and Go
    Forming healthy habits is sometimes as easy as getting up and moving around! 
  • NFL PLAY60 is all about creating the healthiest generation ever by reminding kids to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each and every day. Check out a fun selection of ready-to-use resources that help students in grades K-5 stay fit and focused as they work through these difficult times. 

* Bonus *
Public health and human rights go hand-in-handThe new Rights at Risk in a Public Health Crisis digital lesson from Speak Truth to Power teaches students how to use trustworthy news sources and other data based upon best current practices during a public health crisis. 

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