Inspire the Makers and Help Create Lasting Memories with Family Activities and At-Home Project Ideas from Science Fair Central

Identifying opportunities for hands-on experiences as part of a virtual learning curriculum can be challenging.  Students and parents need grab-and-go options that clearly identify the processes and materials, so that they can successfully implement meaningful projects.  Science Fair Central offers a wide variety of family activities and project starters that can be accessed from any digital device or downloaded as part of a digital lesson.  Developed in partnership with The Home Depot, the program is intended to help STEAM-power classrooms AND homes across the country as students prepare for the careers of tomorrow.  

Check three of our favorite family activities: 

#1 In Rocket Car Grand Prix, families collaborate to build their own race car using an empty plastic bottle as a base.  After building the basic car, students can get competitive and brainstorm options to optimize the car’s performance.  The activity ends with a timed race and encouragement to for students to reflect on the project and share their grand prix creation. 

#2  Big Fun, Small Space is an engineering-based challenge where family members work as a team to build four classic (and giant-sized) games! Families can assign members specific roles and utilize key principals of engineering design to complete each of the projects. With step-by-step instructions and clear materials lists, families will DIY a balancing block tower, dominoes, ring toss game and tic-tac-toe. 

#3 As many families are establishing new habits and routines, this is a great time to consider starting an herb garden.  HERBan Gardening provides complete instructions and flexible options to help families get the project underway. The background information provided in the activity helps students understand the importance of plants and the value of growing food at home, while the create section outlines the roles of each member of the family team. 

If you are looking for project starters that students can complete more independently as part of STEM, science or engineering instruction, there are hundreds of ideas available in the student  section of the website. Organized by content type, students can find Scientific Projects focused in nine different areas, including plants, geology, space and chemistry; and  Engineering Projects that encourage them so solve everyday problems. The Maker Corner  features activities organized by grade level that go deeper into the STEM learning associated with each activity. 

While educators are focusing on building virtual learning capacity for students, it’s vitally important that the importance of making, creating and exploring is not lost. Take advantage of the opportunity to encourage curiosity and problem-solving in your students with digital resources from Science Fair Central.  

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