Empower Students with Virtual Learning Resources to Address Substance Misuse from Dose of Knowledge

CVS Health and Discovery Education have partnered to expand the Pharmacists Teach program for educators and students with a no-cost prevention program, Dose of Knowledge. The program strives to empower educators to address substance misuse and educate students to make good decisions for the health and well-being of themselves and their community.

These new resources equip educators with the appropriate skills to introduce the challenging subject of substance misuse to students in grades 6-12 through accessible video vignettes and standards-aligned digital lesson bundles.  Each digital lesson bundle also includes a comprehensive educator and pharmacist guide to help extend learning with key terms, lesson objectives, materials lists and key talking points to make the most impactful use of the lesson materials.

Each of the three digital lesson bundles highlighted below provides deep insight into a specific area of substance misuse education.

Help is All Around Us & Opioid Use and Misuse

In this digital lesson bundle, students are introduced to the peer-host for all of the vignettes, Julie, and meet Vicki, a CVS pharmacist.  The accompanying educator and pharmacist guides and lesson give students the baseline overview of opioids, including information on how the drugs impact the human brain.  This lesson, for students in grades 6-9, also exposes students to the differences between prescription medications and illicit drugs.

Opioids and Their Effects & Opioids and the Brain

In this digital lesson bundle, Opioids and Their Effects, Julie introduces students to Fernando, another CVS pharmacist, who focuses on what students should do if they are prescribed an opioid by a doctor. The companion lesson allows students in grades 9-12 to delve deeper into the way the brain responds to opioids. The lesson at-a-glance section of the educator guide is especially helpful for timing out lesson material being provided in a virtual setting for easier integration.

Peer Pressure

Appropriate for Grades 6-12, this bundle explores the impact of peer pressure.  Julie and Lance, another CVS pharmacist, also challenge students to strive to have a positive effect on their peers by speaking out about their choices to avoid substance misuse. The digital lesson and educator guide provide tactical advice for refusing opioids and exiting situations where students are uncomfortable with the activity taking place.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that students are equipped to make healthy decisions related to substance misuse.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to support students with self-paced, virtual resources that will have a lasting impact on their choices in the future.  Explore the resources and learn more at DoseofKnowledge.com.

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