Explore Virtual Professional Development Resources and Master the Art of Computational Teaching

Pete Delgado, Jenna Rosienski and Emy Aultman are all teachers with something in common – they recognize the positive impact of integrating computational thinking into their everyday cross-curricular lessons. Using resources from Ignite My Future in School, a program developed in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services to transform the way students across America learn through computational thinking, these educators have cracked the code and now they are sharing their learnings and best practices with all educators through an all new Master Class Series. 

In this series of videos, each teacher explains their approach to incorporating computational thinking and changing the perception that this vital skill does not fit in with “regular” classes. 

  • Pete Delgado, a Science, Social Studies and Computer Science teacher at the Young Women’s STEAM Research and Preparatory Academy in El Paso, Texas introduces the core concepts of computational thinking into each of his classes.  In his Master Class video, he highlights how he asked his students to use analysis to think critically about the issues associated with immigration, encouraging them to strive to become autonomous thinkers.
  • Jenna Rosienski, from Franklin Middle School in Janesville, WI illustrates how she has collaborated with other teachers to implement Ignite My Future in Schools resources across subjects throughout the 7th grade, helping students learn to work together to solve complex problems, specifically related in infrastructure development. 
  • In her Master Class videoEmy Aultman, a K-5 Media Specialist at G.O. Bailey Elementary School in Tifton, GA debunks common myths related to computational thinking, namely confirming that teaching computational thinking does not require significant access to technology and demonstrating that these key skills do have a place in elementary education. 

Any educator that is looking for new ways to engage students in developing effective problem-solving skills can benefit from this Master Class series. With these best practices and the wide variety of student activities, flexible lessons and parent resources available through Ignite My Future in School, educators can access everything they need to begin successful integrating of these key skills. 

To learn more, visit IgniteMyFutureinSchool.org.  You can also find computational thinking resources available on the Ignite My Future in School Channel in Discovery Education Experience.