Financial Literacy Counts – Now More Than Ever

Read below as guest blogger Amy Erb, a STEAM teacher at Stallings Elementary in Stallings, NC, highlights her favorite resources from Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids!  

Money is all around us – earning, saving, spending, and donating – but most of our kids don’t know what the term ‘financial literacy’ even means. While the skills to make smart money decisions often take years to become ingrained in us as adults, why wait to start talking to students about this crucial life skill? Using the resources from Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids allows you to teach students about financial literacy in a way that is fun and kid-friendly! 

Contest AlertThe Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids gives one lucky school $10,000 for financial education in addition to $1,000 to donate to charity, bringing the term ‘financial literacy’ to life for students. Educators, parents, AND community members can vote, and voting takes about 2 minutes! Make sure you keep voting every day until June 25. 

Educator Guides: These resources do the teacher prep for you! Designed to be 5-minute prep guides, the educator guides provide me a quick refresh on vocab and concepts that are presented in the classroom lessons. Even better, the ed guides come with slides I can print out and hang around my classroom for students to come back to again and again.  

VideosThe videos included in this program break down each component of becoming financially literate, the songs are catchy, and the animated characters will appeal to elementary students in all grades! If your school has access to Discovery Education Experience, don’t forget you can assign these videos to students in your DE.X classes, which gives students the opportunity to revisit the videos and songs as many times as they’d like – both at school and at home! 

Family Activities: The family activities are a huge bonus, because family content allows students and their caregivers to follow-up with the lessons taught at school. These lessons come in the way of discussions, real-life scenarios, and games. By allowing caregivers to get involved, it adds another layer of importance that students are able to see in action. When a child can watch their parent show maturity with financial literacy, this helps lay a foundation for their life as well! 

Cha-Ching can be used as stand-alone curriculum, or in conjunction with another curriculum as support. Personally, I pair the resources with our social studies curriculum when we teach about goods & services, supply & demand, spending & saving as the program seamlessly pairs to create a cohesive unit study on financial literacy.  

Have fun exploring and remember to earn, save, spend and donate! 

Explore additional resources at or within the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Channel in Discovery Education Experience.