Share Flexible, Hands-On STEM Activities for Summer Learning at Home from the STEM Careers Coalition

The STEM Careers Coalition features industry partners that have joined forces with Discovery Education to impact the culture of STEM education nationwide. As part of the Coalition’s mission to empower educators and foster equity and access to quality education, STEM lessons, classroom activities and an extensive careers portal are available in Discovery Education Experience and at

In addition, in response to the expanded role of parents and guardians in student learning, new at-home learning activities are also now available. These ready-to-use, simple activities promote self-guided learning for students in grades K-8, while reinforcing development of key STEM skills and exposing students to a number of STEM careers.

Each Family STEM Challenge takes less than 30 minutes and includes detailed instructions, a bonus activity and a “career connection” that links the challenge to specific careers. Read below for highlights of a few of the activities!

  • Plastic Fabric Art encourages sustainability by inviting students to act as materials engineers to create a makeshift fabric from recycled plastic, and then use the fabric for artwork, fashion or accessories.
  • Watts Going On? has the potential to create a lasting impact as families consider their household energy consumption and identify ways to reduce usage.
  • In Stacking Liquids, families explore the way liquids interact with one another and make the connection to careers as engineers or chemists.
  • T.H.I.N.K. Before You Post! gets digital and gives families the opportunity to reinforce responsible and effective online communication, while connecting to careers in journalism and software development.
  • With the Precision Irrigation Design Challenge, students can test their engineering skills while working with a family member and using recyclables to build a system that distributes water evenly.
  • For future video game designers, the Playing Card Programming Design Challenge invites creativity and critical thinking, as students use playing cards to design and “program” a character’s actions.

Enhancing STEM skills at home this summer does not require a huge investment of time, effort or technology. With hands-on activities from the STEM Careers Coalition, parents and caregivers can both expand students STEM knowledge and make great memories.

Learn more at and find additional resources in the STEM Careers Coalition Channel in Discovery Education Experience.