Why ALL Students Should Experience Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Read on to learn why 4th grade educator Christi Vereckey, M.Ed., NBCT recommends Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids becomes a cornerstone of elementary school education.

My students (and even my own children!) think unlimited money lives behind debit and credit cards. I often ask myself: as a teacher, how can I ensure our kids grow up to be financially literate? The answer lies in elementary school education.

Designed for students in Grades K-6, Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids highlights basic principles of financial literacy in ways younger students can understand and relate to, while most importantly making the learning FUN! Colorful characters and catchy songs make students more likely to retain concepts related to earning, saving, spending, and donating that are brought to life in the Cha-Ching music videos, and because the song lyrics are easily printed out for students to follow along, Cha-Ching bolsters reading literacy in addition to finlit.

Activities, both for teachers and/or parents, serve to extend the learning by sparking discussion around spending and saving decisions students may face now or in the future. If your school has access to Discovery Education Experience, the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Channel acts as a safe, one-stop-shop to access program materials – for teachers, parents, AND students.

My personal favorite? The ‘Entrepreneur’ video, classroom activity, and family activity because they perfectly with the 4th grade economics unit. My students were excited to learn there are choices they can make with money now, and the resources come with plenty of idea starters to get kids in your class brainstorming ways financial literacy relates to them. I also love the optional extensions to help kids who might be struggling to grasp these topics. Having the “Ideas for Earning Money” page to give to kids is great, because some students have a hard time getting started and need a spark to ignite their creativity (as I’m sure many fellow educators already know)!

I would encourage all K-6 teachers to find ways to incorporate these lessons on financial literacy into the classroom. Easy, fun, and quick, some of the activities could easily be worked into a 10-minute open time slot. Teaching our students financial literacy will help them for their entire life.

While I implement this content in my classroom, I also plan to go through the Cha-Ching content with my younger child this summer. Cha-Ching is just what I have been looking for to support my own children in addition to my students! Check out the resources today at: www.cha-chingusa.org.

PS: The Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Contest is STILL OPEN THROUGH JUNE 25! Parents, teachers, and community members can vote on behalf of their school (every day!) for the chance to win $10k for your school plus $1k for charity. Voting takes 2 minutes, so make sure to spread the word!