Inspire Students to Consider Careers in Mining Innovation with All-New Dig Into Mining Career Resources  

If students can’t see it, they can’t be it! Exposing students to a wide variety of industries and career paths is key to expanding their interest in STEM careers. In partnership with Freeport-McMoRanDig Into Mining provides students with a deeper understand of the mining industry overall, and new career profiles give students the opportunity to discover how professionals in the industry are solving real-world problems. 

Each profile includes a video highlighting a Freeport-McMoran professional in their work environment, along with an accompanying career guide that will give students a more in-depth perspective on the role.  With these easy-to-access resources, students can learn more about everything from salary range and job outlook, to required education and training. 

Meet the Pros: 

  • Rebecca Bonnett, Metallurgist 

Metallurgists supervise a team through a complex process of metallurgic testing, analysis and extraction of metals for commercial use. This may include the review of testing equipment and protocols to ensure the team is using the most efficient process. Rebecca notes in the video that she has always enjoyed seeing how things work and understanding the chemistry of things, leading her to discover her passion in chemical engineering. 

  • Cecilia Maloy, Mill Mechanic 

Mechanical Engineers are hands-on problem solvers who make sure that equipment and processes run smoothly at the mill. Ceci works to identify why necessary equipment is not working properly, and decides the best course of action and proper tools for repair. Her flexibility and tenacity have been key to her success, especially in helping her build productive relationships with her co-workers.  

  • Travis Gaddie, Data Scientist 

A natural problem-solver, Travis uses computer science skills to build visualizations of data that help his team to decipher the story being told by the information and complex sets of numbers. Computer and information technology occupations, like data science, are growing rapidly—much faster than the national average for all occupations. The annual median income for these jobs is also higher than the median for all occupations. 

In addition to the new career profiles, Dig Into Mining offers a number of interactive resources for educators and families designed to give students a front row seat to nature’s geological wonders and inspire further exploration of the world around them.  Discover more at!