Lead Employees & Unite Communities with the Power of Prevention

Discovery Education and DEA Offer Opioid Prevention Resources for the Workplace & Beyond 

On a mission to provide educational resources to end the U.S. opioid epidemic through no-cost substance misuse prevention resources, Operation Prevention was developed in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to empower educators to tackle the opioid misuse conversation with students.  Educating our youth about substance misuse is increasingly critical in this current stressful environment.   

In an effort to extend prevention education beyond the classroom, a new  workplace learning series has been introduced to help raise awareness and knowledge about the opioid epidemic specifically for adults.  These modules are intended to empower organizations of every kind with practical, easy-to-use prevention resources designed to boost employee wellbeing, while strengthening businesses and communities. 

Resources That Work for Employees 

Whether it’s over the course of a day or a longer, the new Workplace Modules can be completed at each individual’s desired pace, and are entirely virtual for ease-of-access whether at work or at home In order to achieve optimal engagement, participants should feel comfortable and open-minded, which is why each module is designed to take only about 15 minutes or less, and the lesson series can stand alone or be integrated into other initiatives within an organization. 

Discovery Education and the DEA have collaborated with scientists, adult learning specialists, and instructional designers to create resources that are intuitive and relatable. The modules are organized according to the Five Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), a proven research-based instructional process that applies knowledge gained to real-world situations. 

Experience Says it All 

One of the highlights of the resources is the opportunity to transport participants using the power of story, with amazing personal insights shared by several individuals with firsthand experience of overcoming or treating substance misuse disorder. The simple power of personal truth spoken honestly for the greater good lends both gravity and humanity to each of the four lessons. We must remember that connecting and learning from one another is a key component for communities to collectively overcome the obstacles of the opioid epidemic. 

Profiting with Prevention 

When senior leaders support well-being initiatives, employee and organizational outcomes skyrocket1And there’s no question that opioid misuse results in a negative impact on the Return on Investment (ROI), as reported by the National Safety Council2: 

  • 18.5 days/year = the average number of additional days of missed work by those with an opioid use disorder 
  • 42% of people with opioid use disorders left the job they had throughout the previous year; typical attrition is 25% 
  • 8.7 times higher = the direct annual healthcare costs of the average employee who has an opioid use disorder 

Now is the perfect time to become a leader for enhanced productivity and performance in your organization, school district or community, by sharing Operation Prevention’s new workplace resources! You can share these resources easily using the one-page overview to help better members of your community access the modules. And the final lesson on The Power of Prevention also provides additional resources for educators, parents, caregivers, medical/health professionals, teens, faith-based and community leaders. Empower employees in your community now with opioid prevention resources to help cultivate a better business tomorrow. 

Find additional student and parent resources in the Operation Prevention Channel in Discovery Education Experience! 

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