Future Well Kids: Helping Families Develop Healthy Habits

By guest blogger Anna Clausen, Abbott Volunteer Champion

Healthy living has always been a focus of mine, as both of my parents passed away from cancer at a young age. I try to stay healthy by keeping an active lifestyle through running, biking and swimming. When I had kids, health became even more important; we try to remain active as a family and develop healthy habits.

My passion for healthy living is what drove me to pursue a career in the healthcare industry at Abbott.  Twenty-five years later, I am lucky to still be doing what I enjoy the most – helping others be healthier.

Last year, Abbott launched Future Well Kids, a program that aims to empower students to develop healthy habits now that can last a lifetime. Through Future Well Kids, I’ve volunteered as part of a global team of Abbott employees in schools and community organizations around the world to help teach kids, ages 10-13, about choices they can make that set them up for future health. The program’s hands-on, standards-aligned curriculum educates students about the important role nutrition and exercise play in helping them live a fuller, healthier life without noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Now, more kids will have an opportunity to benefit from the program. The Future Well Kids & Families online page is open to any family and is full of information, activities and digital learning lessons that are really engaging for students to complete alone, or for families to complete together.

One of my three sons is a middle school student, so I know how impressionable kids can be at this age. They are absorbing so much information from their teachers, parents, friends, and from social media. It’s important students have the chance to learn about what factors impact health and how their personal choices today can influence their future. Through the Future Well Kids & Families page, we are working together as a family to learn foundational skills in nutrition and exercise. We’ve really enjoyed the two gamified lessons, covering nutrition and exercise. My son loves collecting the progress badges and earning a certificate at the end.

Taking advantage of all the resources on the Future Well Kids & Families page helps my family develop healthy habits now that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a way to talk to your family about health in a fun and engaging way, I highly recommend checking out the website. It’s never too early (or late!) to build a healthier future.


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