Explore the Tech Innovations of Tomorrow with Discovery Education’s SOS Instructional Strategies

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) are research-based instructional strategies for integrating Discovery Education digital curriculum resources in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. These strategies are flexible and can be used as part of in-classroom, virtual and hybrid learning environments to support critical thinking and student engagement. 

Tech for Tomorrow was developed in partnership with The Tech Interactive, a museum in San Jose, CA, and is designed to highlight the ways technology and innovation can better our world.  Featuring resources for students in grades 4-8, the program’s mission is to is to introduce students to cutting-edge technology and inspire them to create enduring innovations for the future.   

Delve into Tech for Tomorrow resources using three key SOS strategies! 

Twenty-five Things You Didn’t Know 

Invite students to watch the Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip (VFT) to explore the Tech Interactive Museum and careers in technology. Through this exploration, they will have the opportunity to consider the concept of technology and what it means to our existence; hear from professionals about the exciting careers that exist in technology; and investigate how innovations in tech make a difference in our world.  While viewing the videos, students can “collect” twenty-five things they didn’t know and keep track of them, digitally or with pen and paper, to discuss and aid in additional assignments. Not only is great to find out new things while exploring, but this strategy will help students focus on and retain new information from the VFT  


Social Engineering: Scam Alert helps students learn the difference between fake and real websites and learn to investigate phishing emails with tips and tricks for identifying scams.  During the lesson, students will create their own phony email in order to educate their school and community on what to watch out for. This lesson can be taken a step further with the SOS Strategy Instagram-in. Students can take the content of their phony emails and generate an Instagram post using short comments, hashtags and images to represent their understanding of the warning signs of scams or fake digital content. Those “posts” can then be shared in a virtual platform or in a classroom setting to spark conversation with and inform other students.  

Six Word Story 

The Tech for Global Good resources introduce students to innovators using technology to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges. There are four vignettes included in this inspiring video series with each organized by The ProblemThe SolutionThe Impact and The What Can I Do to provide students with thoughts on how they can impact even the most difficult global issues. Six Word Story allows students to practice summarizing and selective word choice.  After watching the Zipline video bundle, which profiles a solution for delivering life-saving medical supplies to remote hospitals, students can summarize their learnings with six, carefully chosen words and share their thoughts with other students.  

Whether in-person with students or as part of virtual learning, Discovery Education’s SOS instructional strategies help support student engagement. Applying these proven strategies to interesting activities, like those featured in Tech for Tomorrow, provides an opportunity to encourage students to think critically about real-world problems and STEM-related solutions. 

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