Five SEL Resources for High School Students from Discover Your Happy

Educators, students, and parents are preparing for back to school with more uncertainty and changes than ever before. As many schools shift to remote learning for the foreseeable future, supporting students social and emotional wellbeing has become a concern for many educators. Helping students manage the stresses of school in a blended learning environment requires access to resources wherever the student may be. Discover Your Happy, developed in partnership with LG Electronics USA, serves to equip youth with the skills necessary to manage stress, develop resiliency, and build success in school and beyond.

Discover Your Happy offers flexible virtual experiences, parent resources, classroom activities and a virtual field trip designed to enhance the skills needed to build emotional intelligence and foster mental well-being. Explore these five SEL resources for high school students that will provide students, educators, and parents with science-based tools that show how happiness can be achieved through learnable skills and practices, helping students learn to exercise the power they have over their emotions.

Digital Lesson Bundle: Digital Interactions

The digital world can be an unsettling environment for many. This lesson bundle helps students examine how digital media effects their emotions and happiness. As online communication continues to increase, this lesson bundle builds the skills in students needed to take a new approach with digital media and learn how to build the six sustainable happiness skills through online interactions. The six sustainable happiness skills include: mindfulness, generosity, purpose, gratitude, positive outlook and human connection.

Video: Happiness Skills

Just like any other skill, happiness can be developed and can help change your mindset to feel more content and build resilience, helping us process the stress and anxiety that we all deal with on a daily basis. This video highlights the experiences of students and educators and the challenges they face with emotional wellness. Help your students build emotional resilience through science-based tools that help combat stressors in their daily lives. Seventy years of scientific research shows happy people are healthier, live longer, earn more money, and do better in school and life. The research also shows that happiness skills can be learned, taught, and practiced.

Video: This Is Your Brain on Happiness

Learn the science behind happiness. Happiness is more than just a feeling; it is a state of mind! This video explores how happiness effects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in our brains and how this can lead to sustainable happiness.

Family Activity: Chain Reaction

Happiness is meant to be shared! Students should feel comfortable and happy in their learning environment. Share this family activity to help families create better at-home learning experiences for students with activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Virtual Field Trip: Discover Your Happy

Take happiness with you wherever you find yourself this school year. This virtual field trip explains the science behind happiness and the impacts it has on your brain and body. Learn the skills needed to build lasting happiness and manage the stress of a new school year.

These resources are perfect for students facing a new and potentially stressful approach to back-to-school this fall. This content will help support a foundation of emotional strength on which students can create sustainable happiness.

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