STEM Careers Coalition Video Series Demonstrates the Impact of STEM Skills in Innovation

Solutions Seekers Series Spotlights Professionals Responding to COVID-19

Help students connect the dots between the application of STEM skills and innovating solutions to important real-world challenges with the  STEM Careers Coalition  COVID-19 Solution Seekers, a video series spotlighting how STEM professionals at non-profits corporations, and within industry are pivoting to meet the needs presented by COVID-19.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 impacting nearly every aspect of life, many people, communities, companies, and governments have quickly mobilized to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The dynamic new COVID-19 Solution Seekers video series features an array of real-world content demonstrating the flexibility of STEM and amplifying how diverse STEM professionals across a variety of industries transform their work in response to COVID-19. Professionals from Coalition partners–including Boeing, Microsoft, Chevron, American Petroleum Institute (API), Procter & Gamble (P&G), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)–are joined by leaders from global healthcare leader Sanofi, along with other companies, contributing to the collection of COVID-related career profiles.

The STEM Careers Coalition exists to ensure that zip code does not determine destiny. Leaders from diverse sectors have responded quickly and thoughtfully to the array of challenges presented by COVID-19 and continue to do so. These videos highlight the positive impact that creative STEM thinking and problem solving has on the world, while showing students that STEM can be in their futures, too.

As the first-of-its-kind STEM initiative, the STEM Careers Coalition addresses the STEM workforce and inspiration gap by connecting industry and classrooms at unprecedented scale. In addition to the COVID-19 Solutions Seekers series, the program also features a Careers Portal where students can explore a variety of STEM careers with activations that help them think critically about their future opportunities.  There are also classroom and family activities that provide hands-on STEM engagement in any learning environment.

With a focus on equity of access, the STEM Careers Coalition unites the private sector around the shared goal of accelerating the growth of the United States’ STEM pipeline by focusing on providing 10 million students across 5,000 schools in high-need areas the resources necessary to build the next generation of solution seekers. Learn more at