Celebrate the Moments When Learning Comes Alive! Ignite Student Inspiration with Discovery Education’s Innovation Virtual Field Trips

Did you know our brains have Mirror Neurons”, which fire not only when we perform an action, but also when we observe that same action performed by another? This is why experiencing something and watching someone else experience it can have the exact same effect on our mind. * 

Educators and parents both know that some of students’ most inspired moments of learning and growth happen spontaneously, beyond set-in-stone lessons and rote memorization. During a time when approaches to education must be more fluid and flexible than ever, Discovery Education is empowering teachers, students, and families everywhere to embrace the art of bringing learning to life with a no-cost library of interactive Virtual Field Trips for K-12 students. These transportive virtual journeys and companion resources provide every student with the opportunity to engage in dynamic moments of wonder, exploration, and knowledge-building – no matter what their learning environment or ability level. 

All it takes is one moment of outside-the-box thinking to spark a positive new habit in students’ lives, to open their minds in a new direction, or help them realize the career path of their dreams. Learn more about our newest virtual field trips below and provide your students with anytime access to those magic moments of real-world insight. 

Enjoy the moments where learning comes to life! 

  • THAT MOMENT you realize everyone plays a part in helping students make healthier choices
    SOME TOPICS ARE SAFER EXPERIENCED VIRTUALLYClearing the Air: A Be Vape Free Virtual Field Trip allows students to confront the realities of e-cigarette use from a safe distance. A powerful VFT introduces courageous young people who share their experiences related to vaping, peer pressure, and more. 
  • THAT MOMENT you witness technology providing access to faraway places – in real time…
    LET STUDENTS HAVE A WORLD-FAMOUS SCIENCE CENTER ALL TO THEMSELVES.  The Tech for Tomorrow Virtual Field Trip gives students a virtual pass to explore The Tech Interactive, a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning environment that immerses students in cutting-edge technology made by world-changing innovators. 
  • THAT MOMENT you figure out that STEM professionals are secretly having all the fun…
    SKIP THE HARDHAT AND GO RIGHT INSIDE THE MOST POWERFUL RESEARCH REACTOR ON EARTH. Navigating Nuclear: Nuclear Reimagined takes students into amazing nuclear science facilities and beyond to investigate experiments involving real-world problems and game-changing solutions to improve our world.
  • THAT MOMENT you decide that building a more sustainable community is a movement you can get behind…
    SUSTAINABILITY IN THE AIR, ON LAND, IN THE WATER AND IN THE HANDLING AND REDUCTION OF WASTE, ALL IN ONE SITTING. FUTURE U. ecoAction uses dynamic virtual explorations to let students explore a variety of environments, featuring POV journeys into the field of sustainable innovation.
  • THAT MOMENT you realize our STEM-powered world is becoming cooler than science fiction…
    TRAVEL INSIDE THE INTERNET OF THINGS AND SEE HOW TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS SUSTAINABILITY OF TOMORROW. Conservation Station: The Internet of Things dives into the crucial energy-water nexus powering our world to spark awareness and action in students’ lives around current and future energy needs, resource utilization, and conservation.
  • THAT MOMENT you enlist pro athletes to teach your students about wellness…
    AHA NFL PLAY 60: Huddle Up and Get Moving offers fun, ready-to-use digital resources that spark healthy physical activity for kids anytime, anywhere. Get students moving at least 60 minutes a day with VFTs featuring inspiring NFL athletes, cheerleaders, and more. 

You can enhance and extend lessons from Discovery Education’s Virtual Field Trips during the 2020-2021 school year with the help of accompanying educator guides, hands-on activities, and supplemental multimedia resources. Find more virtual field trips at DiscoveryEducation.com or on the Virtual Field Trips Channel in Discovery Education Experience.