Conquering the Juggling Act:  Dynamic Digital Resources to Support Integrated Student Health

The secret to achieving wellness rests in finding balance, which means first acknowledging the tremendous juggling act we’re all engaged in on a daily basis. Life’s many complications (looking at you 2020) can make us feel disjointed to the point where, even if we’re excelling in one area, we suddenly find we’ve dropped the ball in another area, just as we were getting into a groove! 

But remember that any good juggler can handle 3, and ultimately wellness is comprised of three essential aspects: Emotional, Physical, and Mental. It’s when we learn to keep these elements in balance that everything seems to fall into place. 

The good news: kids are naturally flexible, capable, resilient and optimistic – they have all of the tools needed to adapt to the multi-faceted nature of wellness and create a healthy rhythm all their own! To help inspire students to remain focused on health in the 2020-2021 school year as they encounter new forms of stress and new challengesDiscovery Education provides comprehensive selection of no-cost resources to help actively engage K-12 students in keeping wellness top-of-mind, each and every day. 

Explore the 3 Levels of Wellness 

EMOTIONAL | Maintaining Balance 

Managing emotions helps keep physical and mental wellness in harmony. Discover Your Happy encourages students to boost their emotional IQ to support increased resilience and self-motivation.

The first form of wellness people learn in life is Social and Emotional. Soar with Wings lays the groundwork for core SEL competency skills that every student needs to succeed in school and thrive in life.

PHYSICAL | Building a Foundation 

A healthy body is the basis from which all forms of wellness flourishFuture Well Kids helps students embrace a mindful approach to health and nutrition using fun, hands-on learning explorations.

A healthy dose of exercise is often the best way to boost wellness. NFL PLAY 60 motivates kids to get at least an hour of physical activity daily with easy-to-use interactive resources for ready-made fun.

MENTAL | Developing Fortitude 

The easiest way to overcome stress is to be preparedOperation Prevention equips students, educators, and families with substance misuse awareness tools for managing stress and making healthy decisions.

Understanding the consequences of unhealthy habits is half the battleDose of Knowledge uses real-world insights and scientific expertise from pharmacists to show students the impacts of prescription medication misuse.

Connecting with others can help spark healthier personal habits. Ask, Listen, Learn makes it easy for students to confront the issue of underage drinking by facilitating proactive dialogue with family.

Choose success over stress no matter what this school year brings, with the help of Discovery Education’s flexible, easy-to-access Health & Wellness resources for learners of all levels. Find more health & wellness resources on Discovery Education Experience in the Health Channel.