Put the Power of Sustainability in Students’ Hands 

New Middle School Resources Now Available in Discovery Education Experience 

Centered on the role of technology in building a more sustainable world, the all new AT&T Sustainability Channel found exclusively in Discovery Education Experience provides standards-aligned resources to help introduce middle school students to the concept of environmental sustainability. The suite of new resources includes two career profiles and two anywhere student activities. 

Anywhere Activities 

Nature’s Source of Clean Energy invites students to discuss the need to transition to renewable energy sources, and then role-play as residents from different parts of the country deciding if they should adopt a wind farm.  This activity provides both a deeper understanding of how wind energy works and an opportunity to explore the appropriateness of wind energy as an alternative for specific parts of the country. 

In Data to Support Sustainability, students collaborate to research different examples of corporate sustainability efforts and identify the ways corporations are using big data-driven technology to reduce their environmental impact.  Students will further analyze the data and determine which categories of sustainability are most important to the companies they are researching, problems they want to help solve, and explore career opportunities in those areas.  

Career Profiles 

Career profiles featured in the channel serve to expand students’ awareness of careers associated with environmental sustainability. Each profile features an overview of the education and training required for the positions, salary expectations, a detailed description of the job function and the future outlook in the field. Currently profiled careers are Big Data Scientist and Director of Environmental Sustainability. 

These new resources offer the opportunity to deepen conversations related to environmental sustainability and help students asses the role they can play now and in the future to support efforts to protect the environment. Developed with flexible integration in mind, the anywhere activities can be utilized in an in-person or virtual learning environment. 

Spark students’ passion for creating a more sustainable future with resources from the AT&T Sustainability Channel and bookmark the channel for new resources coming this fall!  

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