Virtual Professional Learning Resources at Your Fingertips with TGR EDU: Explore

The all-new professional learning series for educators from TGR EDU: EXPLORE presents schools, particularly those from under-resourced communities, the access and materials needed to transform teaching during COVID-19 and beyond. These new resources build upon the suite of no-cost virtual learning resources offered by TGR EDU: EXPLORE, a joint initiative with TGR Foundation. TGR EDU: Explore delivers award-winning curriculum, family resources, and professional development to educators, students, and families nationwide.

Ultimately planned as a series of six professional learning modules, the first module, (Re)Defining STEM supports teacher agency by focusing on student-centered approaches to foster innovative, relevant, and engaging STEM instruction. The module redefines STEM by innovating interdisciplinary learning, focusing on design principles and real-world connections, and rethinking skill building.

The newly-released second module, Interdisciplinary Learning: Making Connections addresses interdisciplinary learning by helping educators understand how to transform a traditional lesson into an interdisciplinary model lesson and examining tools and methods to bring interdisciplinary learning into any setting.

Future modules will focus on helping educators develop student-centered approaches, creating meaningful engagement strategies, promoting three-dimensional learning, and supporting the creativity of teaching.

As the demands upon teachers are changing drastically, especially now in the age of COVID-19, we know it was critical to share expertise, provide tools, and offer simple ways for educators to continue engaging their students. This new professional development series empowers educators with skills and ease of access needed to stay ahead of the curve while focusing on creative student-centered approaches to digital and in-person instruction.

Find more TGR EDU: EXPLORE resources at or through Discovery Education Experience in the TGR EDU: Explore channel.