3 SEL Resources to Engage Your Students This Fall 

You can help kickstart healthy transformations for students in or out of the classroom this Fall with exciting new resources from LaGolda, the pro-social animated series and online educational program available on Discovery Education Experience. Following the adventures of the eponymous 8-year-old girl and her friendsLaGolda provides fun and uplifting content that makes it easy to engage young students in important SEL skill-building during a crucial stage in their development. 

Despite having lost her parents and experienced hardships as an orphanLaGolda chooses to take a positive approach to life and never lets circumstances defeat her. Through a series of immersive animated episodes, students can follow along as LaGolda travels the world and creates amazing friendships, meeting a diverse range of people who she helps realize just how special they really are. 

3 new hands-on activities use a social and emotional lens to show students positive and proactive ways of exploring timely topics related to equity. Each activity corresponds to an episode in the animated series, and includes tools, tips, and strategies to help you build-out lessons. 

    Empower students to evaluate their thoughts relating to gender norms, before considering ways they can break free of stereotypes.
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    Develop students’ social awareness by evaluating multiple perspectives and identifying opportunities to support underserved populations.
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    Raise student awareness about issues of hunger and food insecurity in the U.S. by analyzing data and drawing conclusions about health promotion.
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UnitedHealthcare is committed to Empowering Health by partnering with Discovery Education to make these resources available at no cost through the Experience platform. This interactive multimedia content is a great resource to teach your elementary students about the importance of accepting others, building self-awareness, and embracing different and unique experiences and perspectives as students head into the 2020-2021 school year. 

By exploring important and potentially complex topics through the inviting animated community of LaGoldastudents are able to stay open-mindedcomfortable, and connected as they develop critical SEL concepts and skills.