New Social Emotional Learning Resources Support Body Confidence Education for Elementary Students

The Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education have teamed up to develop Amazing Me, an all-new program focused on social emotional learning (SEL), health and body confidence.  Numerous studies have shown that low self-esteem in adolescents can negatively affect their performance in school, their relationships with others and their self-perception. Through this new partnership, educators and parents will be empowered with tools to help encourage development in these critical areas among 4th and 5th grade students. 

These flexible, standards-aligned resources center around the subjects of building self-esteem, promoting positive body image and countering bullying. The program is kicking off with a series of family activities to help initiate conversations around body confidence. In these short exercises, students have an opportunity to explore the power of positivity and respect as they work to build their confidence.  The 10-activity series includes:   

Appreciating our Bodies where families create signs of positive body affirmations to hang around the home to help each member feel comfortable and confident in their own body. 

Body Talk in the Home which encourages families to read a Body Talk Handout that highlights how adults’ language about their own bodies can affect children. Each family member then creates a list of things that they love about their physical appearance and share their ideas.  

Let’s THINK which invites families to discuss the power of words and share a time that they said or posted something they later regretted, leading to a demonstration of how hurtful words cannot be “taken back,” and a pledge to “THINK” before they speak or post. 

And this is just the beginning! A new Virtual Field Trip (VFT) premieres on November 12th and will introduce students to stories from their peers, exploring how to be kinder to themselves and each other. Educators can register for the VFT now, to share this experience with their students virtually or in the classroom! 

New classroom resources will also be available in Spring 2021 and will include digital lesson bundles exploring key topics from standing up to bullying and communication, to body image and identity 

Every student has unique skills, abilities, and ideas to offer the world. Teach your students the value of their own unique identities by introducing resources that help them establish a healthy view of themselves early. 

Find Amazing Me resources at or in Discovery Education Experience on the Amazing Me Channel.