Hands-on Learning for a Work-in-Progress World 

When students can learn by doing, it serves not only their futures, but also their community. Handson  learning is a fun and accessible way to engage students in skill and knowledge-building that will contribute to a future workforce of talented and self-motivated problem solvers. Every student has the capacity to do great things in life, and the world has its share of problems that need solving – the trick is getting young innovators involved, with the help of relevant and accessible experiential learning opportunities. 

Discovery Education is committed to empowering students, educators, and communities everywhere with standards-aligned K-12 resources that enable project-based breakthroughs in just a few clicks. Keep reading to learn more about the diverse, no-cost digital resources you can access to send students on hands-on, real-world learning adventures anytime, anywhere! 

7 Hands-on Pathways for Learners at All Levels 

  1. BLUEPRINTS FOR SUCCESS: The Making for Good Challenge motivates students to innovate with purpose and passionusing the 6-step engineering design process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, and Improve! Let your students discover firsthand that loving what you do in life is the key to getting the best results. Learn more at Innovation Generation 
  2. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL: You can help your students take innovation from buzzword to real world with the Fueling Education Student Challenge. Tackle timely global issues on a relatable level by encouraging students to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals to solve problems in their community. Learn more at Fueling Education 
  3. INSPIRATION ON-DEMAND: Hit all the right buttons to maximize student engagement with a customizable STEM activity database that lets you search for projects by category, career path, difficulty, and more! Help students zero-in on the types of challenges and solutions that resonate most with them. Learn more at Siemens STEM Day 
  4. ALL THE WONDER: Open a virtual treasure trove with hundreds of ready-made project starters exploring a variety of topics in science and engineering. Each topic sends students on a unique investigation of our world through one of the three main branches of scienceLife, Earth, and Physical. Learn more at Science Fair Central 
  5. MIND-BLOWING MADE EASY: Ignite scientific curiosity instantly with super simple and always inspiring activities, based on world-changing scientific discoveries. Show your students how to tap into the fundamental forces of the universe using everyday household items! Learn more at 3M Young Scientist Lab 
  6. GIRL-CENTERED EXPLORATION: Expand students’ horizons with girl-led, girl-tested and girl-approved resources for students in grades 2-5 that encourage hands-on exploration in the areas of cyber security, space, the environment and more! Learn more at Girls Get STEM 
  7. DESIGN CHALLENGES FOR BETTER COMMUNITIES:  The future success of our world rests with today’s students. Help them understand the impact of STEM innovation on improving their community now and in the future with design challenges focused on everything from protecting the Earth’s freshwater supply to responding to natural hazards. Learn more at TGR EDU: Explore 

Find exciting new ways to accommodate each and every student using simple hands-on learning resources for all learning environments. You can discover even more standards-aligned content to help connect your students to important real-world issues by visiting Discovery Education Experience today!