Siemens STEM Day Offers Resources to Make STEM Accessible and Exciting for All! 

Tangipahou Parish School System’s Roseland Montessori School in Roseland, Louisiana has been awarded a $10,000 STEM education grant as part of 2020 Possibility Grant Sweepstakes. Created by the Siemens Foundation–a leader in advancing STEM workforce training and education initiatives–and Discovery Education, the Possibility Grant offers Title 1 K-12 schools an opportunity to win a $10,000 STEM grant that can be used to expand the availability of STEM supplies and technology or to enhance any STEM-related lab. Roseland Montessori will use the grant to create a STEM lab that providing opportunities for students to discover, experiment, and learn through real-world experiences. 

The Sweepstakes builds an exciting pathway to STEM success for K-12 students and schools by supplementing Siemens STEM Day – the Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education partnership program providing nearly 180 no-cost, hands-on STEM activities aligned to national teaching standards to help innovate curriculum. Siemens STEM day is designed to engage students of all ages with exciting and new STEM topics as well as help them explore career possibilities.  

Check out five brand new high school resources that cover timely topics, including cybercrime, stress management, and radiationOpen up a new world of possibilities with these new resources and more from Siemens STEM Day.  

NEW High School Activities 

Not all high school students think of STEM as exciting and fun. These new activities look to highlight different worlds in STEM for students!  

  • In Effects of Radiation students will use digital and/or print resources to learn about ionizing and non-ionizing radiation along with the benefits/risks associated. 
  • To Add or Subtract helps students gain an understanding of the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing by creating a video of a prototype they will build using both methods. 
  • In an effort to engage students in career exploration through learning, Engineering Fields exposes students to the vastness of opportunities in engineering through in-depth study of 2-3 specific careers. 
  • As students continue to face uncertainty in the midst of the pandemicManaging Stress helps them learn the importance of managing their stress levels and practical tips for overall balance, health and wellbeing. 
  • Avoiding Cybercrime exposes students to the foundations of cybersecurity as they analyze a variety of cybercrime scenarios and propose measures they might take to prevent each from happening to them. 

Career Profiles 

Siemens STEM Day also offers unique career profiles to help students see the world of STEM in a new way. These short videos follow career paths in healthcare, project management, quality engineering, and more! Share these videos with students to provide a deeper prospective on careers and professionals driving STEM innovation. 

Siemens STEM Day makes it easy to share the world to STEM with studentsLearn more about the Possibility Grant Sweepstakes and Siemens STEM Day at and on the Siemens STEM Day Channel in Discovery Education Experience.