Expand Students’ Nuclear Science Knowledge! Introduce New Resources from Navigating Nuclear During Nuclear Science Week

Do your students know that nuclear technology helps to keep people safe and healthy. Runway lights in the Alaskan outback, heart pacemakers, smoke detectors, criminal investigations, coating non-stick frying pans, luggage and security screening – all use radiation to make our lives easier and more productive. You can help students explore the many applications of nuclear science with all new resources from Navigating Nuclear, a program developed in partnership with the American Nuclear Society. 

Recognize Nuclear Science Week October 19th through 23rd by introducing students in grades K-12 to the innovative work of professionals in the field of nuclear science! 

ALL NEW Elementary School Content

Introduce young minds to the wide world of nuclear science with thoughtful activities making atoms fun and igniting curiosity about energy.  

Creative Middle School Resources

From standards-aligned lesson plans about the impacts of energy and radiation to project-based learning activities sparking STEM problem-solving, these middle school resources give teachers and students what they need to meet nuclear science where they are.

Thought-Provoking High School Materials

Explore the vast world of nuclear science with your students to uncover the diverse applications of this field and debunk some common misconceptions. Going beyond fission and fusion, students learn key nuclear science concepts while developing invaluable STEM skills.

Real-World Career Exploration 

Jobs abound in the field of nuclear energy and other related fields, blossoming from unexpected pathways and in disciplines you might not think of when you think nuclear science. Extend discussions around STEM applications beyond the classroom with the real-world professionals in nuclear-related careers and the impacts they are having on their communities and the world at large.

Students can even journey to the leading nuclear research facility in the country, Idaho National Laboratory with the Nuclear Reimagined Virtual Field Trip 

Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your science curriculum and encourage your students’ curiosity by introducing these new materials during Nuclear Science Week.  You can find more resources from Navigating Nuclear in Discovery Education Experience!