This Week at DE: Week of October 25th

Good evening, and welcome to a very spooky edition of This Week at DE. My name is Rachel Barrachina and I’m a Digital Content Coordinator at Discovery Education. I’m stirring up a cauldron full of new resources and events for this week and thought I would share with you all…that is, if you’re not too afraid… 


Join me in the supernatural world as we explore videos from the Halloween channel in ExperienceLearn about the origins of Halloween and how it’s celebrated across the world, and find resources to support all subject areas, like the Goosebumps audiobooks for ELA, the 3-D human skeletal tour for Science, and the history of Halloween pop-up stores for Social Studies. We’re also excited to showcase a DE original: Celebrate with DE: Halloween, which is sure to send shivers up your students’ spines.   



Also in Experience are two new podcast channels: Houston, We Have a Podcast and the Young Changemakers Podcast. Have you pondered what our planet looks like from deep space? Or how the body responds to space radiation exposure? It’s not as scary as it may sound, and we’ve got all the answers to your questions and more. 

Another new channel in Experience is Keeping You Connected to Curiosity. The collection of videos aim to inspire and ignite curiosity in your students through thought-provoking science and STEM concepts. We believe that when we’re curious, amazing things can happen. 


On a more serious note, we’re also recognizing Red Ribbon Week this week. We’re committed to keeping young students drug-free and healthy through a variety of resources and events.  We’re hosting a Facebook LIVE panel session on Tuesday with our partners at CVS Health. More information is in the link above.            


What spooktacular activities are you planning with your students this week? Tweet us your ideas and tell us how Discovery Education resources are helping you plan your curriculum. Happy Halloween!