This Week at DE: Week of November 1

Hi everyone! My name is Ted Willardand I’m a Senior Subject Matter Expert in Science at Discovery Education.  

It’s officially November, which means there are only two more months until the end of the year. We wanted to take the time to recognize and applaud all of the parents and teachers who have been managing remote and hybrid learning for their students this year. You are the real MVPs! 

This week at DE, we are highlighting valuable resources related to the election and how students can better understand the issues that will impact their lives beyond Election Day and how their voices can be used to help create changes for issues that matter to them. Our Election 2020 channel in DE Experience has videos, instructional resources, infographics, images, and reading passages that cover everything from in-depth features and instructional resources for teaching the American election system, to the history of the election. 


There is a “Countdown to Election Day” video that gives the “why” behind election day timing, content that shows the difference between the Electoral College’s vote and the popular vote, and more. Our Newsy channel also includes unbiased resources to educate students about different sides of important issues so they can make their own informed decisions. There are a number of videos to inspire curiosity in your students, like “Can you take a picture of your ballot? Watch the video and tell us what your students find out! 


Did you know there are 48 days between Constitution Day and Election Day? We’ve pulled together 48 instructional resources, all with the goal of helping your student understand the importance of their voices, whether or not they are old enough to vote. Explore Virtual Field Trips, videos, podcasts, songs and audiobooks designed to help students better understand their constitutional rights. For instance, what rights do the First Amendment give to people in the United States? Or how have voting rights evolved over the years? We hope that these can be valuable resources for you and your students – let us know which ones you’re checking out!


That’s everything for this week! As always, we’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @DiscoveryEd and tell us how you’re using Discovery Education resources this week!