Teach Students to Build Confidence and Build Body Image with the Amazing Me Virtual Field Trip! 

Low self-esteem has been associated with a number of psychological, physical and social consequences. In this all-new, on-demand Virtual Field Trip (VFT) from Amazing Me, a program developed in partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, students have the opportunity to explore how to be kinder to themselves and others.  

Educators play an important role in helping to engage students in critical discussions about body image and empowering them with the understanding that each of us is unique, beautiful and worth celebrating. The Amazing Me program features a complete guide developed with body image experts, to support educators in expanding the learning with activities before, during and after the VFT.  

Before the Field Trip 

The Think-Pair-Share pre-VFT activity encourages students to explore the thoughts they already have about beauty and share those thoughts with a peer. By responding to the series of questions, students will have the opportunity to clearly articulate their views and hear the perspective of their classmates around key self-esteem issues, including comparing themselves to others and bullying. The educator guide includes recommendations for completing the activity either in person or in a virtual learning environment.  

During the Field Trip 

The field trip itself features relatable characters and real-life students learning to appreciate their bodies and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Students will learn about the benefits of positive body talk and the importance of building positive self-image through the help of a few special guest characters! Students also get to see themselves in featured interviews with student peers discussing their real experiences and challenges dealing with the imagery they see in the media and bullying. Students will use the “Guided Notes” worksheet to recap important facts from the VFT, such as capturing the frequent use of retouching in the media and learning key terms to help them speak about body image issues.   

After the Field Trip 

After viewing the VFT, it’s important for students to take the time to reflect on the lessons they learned. The post-VFT activity encourages them to identify what lesson was most impactful for their lives and then create a drawing or other visual representation of what they learned. This moment of self-expression will help ensure that they take the lessons with them for the long term. 

Help students realize their full potential and achieve success in school and beyond! By exposing them to tools and strategies to deal with challenges like appearance ideals, negative body image and weight-based bullying through engaging creative dialogue and relatable conversations, educators can help create change that will last a lifetime! 

The Amazing Me virtual field trip can be found on-demand at amazingmeselfesteem.com or on the Amazing Me channel in Discovery Education Experience.