Explore How the “Internet of Things” Encourages Responsible Action with AT&T 

New resource alert! The AT&T Sustainability Channel found in Discovery Education Experience now includes a digital exploration that helps students understand how they can use the internet to make more responsible choices in a location that they frequent on a regular basis. 

Students are first given a detailed overview of the what the Internet of Things (IoT) consists of, including types of “things” connected to the internet at home and at work, such as smart speakers, fitness watches or factory equipmentIn the next session, students have an opportunity to consider real-world case studies from AT&T’s efforts to use connectivity and technology to improve their services and reduce their carbon footprint 10 times by 2025.  Using the 10x Carbon Initiative as a model, students are asked to identify the ways in which other businesses could use the IoT to improve efficiency and sustainability. 

Finally, students create a timed annotated drawing to showcase their thoughts. They can then share their thoughts with their peers on a virtual “gallery walk,” and discussion. 

Specifically designed for students in grades 6-12, this flexible exploration provides step-by-step activities and instructions, and includes engaging videos and graphics that students can navigate on their own or as part of a larger lesson. 

This digital lesson supports the “anywhere” activities and career profiles already available in the channel. Each resource serves to help educators introduce students to the concept of environmental sustainability and deepen conversations to help students understand the role they play in efforts to protect the environment. 

Discovery Education Experience subscribers can explore all of the resources on the AT&T Sustainability Channel. To learn more about Discovery Education Experience, visit https://www.discoveryeducation.com/programs/experience/.