Discover Resources to Support Emotional Resiliency in Teachers and Students with Ready, Set, RISE 

In what has been an unprecedented and challenging year for schools across the U.S., educators now have access to new, no-cost digital content that supports their own and their students’ emotional resiliency from Ready, Set, RISE!, a unique virtual resource from Kaiser Permanente, Alliance for a Healthier Generation (Healthier Generation), and Discovery Education 

Ready, Set, RISE! offers educators on-demand e-learning modules built to highlight the importance of human connection and empathy in schools. The series provides a foundational understanding of trauma-informed educational practices and policies educators can use to create more student-centered learning environments for all learners. The goal of the program is to help cultivate trauma-informed educators, ultimately creating a better world for both educators and students. 

The first module in the series focuses on educator self-care in any teaching environment, while the second module offers educators new strategies for helping students neutralize the effects of adversity, societal oppression, and implicit bias. Additional modules, coming in early 2021, will address how to recognize and respond to signs of trauma in schools and explore the science of implementation.  

Ready, Set, RISE! is the latest addition to the RISE initiative and is a natural extension of Kaiser Permanente’s leadership role in building healthier schools and communities. Developed as part of Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools initiative, RISE works with students, school staff, teachers, districts, and the community to better understand the underlying factors of stress in schools and develop strategies and practices that foster more positive school environments.  

More than ever before, social-emotional health is foundational to optimal health and learning development for students – and especially those who have been hit hardest by the current public health crisis. Through resources provided as part of this collaboration between Healthier Generation, Kaiser Permanente and Discovery Education, educators can build their resiliency in ways that are critical developing a stronger learning environment. 

Learn more about Ready, Set, RISE! and find all the no-cost resources designed for educators at and in Discovery Education Experience.